We don’t care about our clients. We only love their problems.

3Z Studio was founded in 2005 in Ukraine and has only three members—Tania Borzunova, Serhiy Mishakin, and Dmytro Verovkin. We concentrate mainly on corporate and brand identity, but also love designing posters and books. We strongly believe in the 'concept above all' idea, because it’s the only idea that makes communication design functional. We do not decorate, we operate on the client’s problem to find the strongest, clearest, simplest, but nevertheless most comprehensive solution for the brand identity.

So this approach basically excludes options—we only present one fully functional system consisting of logo(s), typography, and graphics in which every solution and every step is necessary and has its ground and explanation. This is also why this takes time—we need to build that system and check its functionality. We also believe that only trustful relationships with our clients can guarantee a successful project. We listen carefully to understand the idea and the needs of the brand, and then we expect our client to give us cart blanche.

We work a lot with cultural and civil society sector and we love it. We have galleries, museums, artists, musicians, NGOs, and even one Foreign Office among our clients. We’ve always had good mutual understanding and respect that developed into strong long-lasting relationships with many of them.